Flagship is a communications agency specialising in corporate sustainability strategy and reporting.

We help businesses understand their economic, social and environmental impacts and profit from them – by performing better, communicating better and delivering better long-term societal outcomes.

Our team has extensive professional knowledge in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, environmental management and communications.

Is your company socially responsible?

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Company values

Do you have clearly defined company CSR values and strategy?
Does your company communicate its CSR values to customers, business partners, suppliers and other interested parties (e.g. in sales presentation, marketing material or informal communication)?
Are your customers aware of the company’s values and rules of conduct?
Are your employees aware of the company’s values and rules of conduct?

Marketplace policies

Does your enterprise supply clear and accurate information and labelling about products and services, including its after-sales obligations?
Does your company have a process to ensure effective feedback, consultation and/or dialogue with customers, suppliers and the other people you do business with?
Does your enterprise register and resolve complaints from customers, suppliers and business partners?
Does your company work together with other companies or other organisations to address issues raised by responsible entrepreneurship?

Social policies

Does your company have suitable arrangements for health, safety and welfare that provide sufficient protection for its employees?
Does your enterprise actively offer a good work-life balance for its employees, for example, by considering flexible working hours or allowing employees to work from home?
Does your enterprise try to purchase locally?
Are your employees encouraged to participate in local community activities (e.g. providing employee time and expertise, or other practical help)?
Does your enterprise give regular financial support to local community activities and projects (e.g. charitable donations or sponsorship)?

Environmental policies

Have you tried to reduce your companies environmental impact in terms of:
energy conservation / waste minimization and recycling / pollution prevention (e.g. emissions to air and water, effluent discharges, noise) / protection of the natural environment / sustainable transport options?
Do you consider the potential environmental impacts when developing new products and services (e.g. assessing energy usage, recyclability or pollution generation)?
Does your enterprise supply clear and accurate environmental information on its products, services and activities to customers, suppliers, local community, etc?


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